Who is the Oculoplastic Surgeon?
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Who is the Oculoplastic Surgeon?

The oculoplastic surgeon has exclusive competence in the treatment of the gaze and the eye.


The oculoplastic or eye-facial surgeon is a surgeon who after completing his specialisation in ophthalmology, faced abroad a selective “High degree” path in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of eyelids, lacrimal ducts, orbit and face.

An ophthalmic plastic surgeon (also Known as oculoplastic surgeon) is therefore an expert with advanced training in treating, both aesthetic and functional, of the region of the eye and face


Over the decades we have lost the figure of the ” general surgeon “, to make room for more sectorialized and specialized figures: there are the heart surgeon and vascular surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and knee orthopedic surgeon or hand orthopedic surgeon, and so on.

What has emerged, with the huge advances in medicine, is the need for ultra-surgical specialties in which an experienced surgeon can focus his practice in a specific area, and become a point of reference and excellence, constantly updated and advanced in that field.

The field of cosmetic surgery has undergone a similar development. The continuous advancement of technologies and techniques require to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to operate effectively on highly selected areas of the body and of the face.


The oculoplastic surgeon has exclusive competence in the treatment of the gaze and the eye:

  • It has a very thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the eye, of the eye’s components (eyelids, eyebrow, face average) and of the periorbital muscle from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.
  • Perform only treatmentor surgery on the face.
  • The vast experience and attention to the aesthetics of the gaze guarantees the uniqueness of the result: the intervention will be personalized to maintain a natural look, to reflect the patient’s personality and the individuality of its image and to meet the needs expressed during the preoperative interview.
  • The skills acquired through experience and dedication to one area of the face guarantee optimal management of any possible operative complications.
  • The continuous updating and comparison with colleagues during highly specialized conferences ensures the selection of cutting-edge techniques and the ability to combine multiple surgical practices to achieve the best aesthetic result (for example blepharoplasty associated with eyebrow lift).

Who turn to oculoplastic surgeon wants to find the freshness of his/her eyes and face, without adhering to standardized “artificial” and built canons of beauty

Each patient will be advised and directed to the most appropriate and cutting-edge techniques, according to the latest guidelines of the international professional associations