Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow Lifting



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Eyebrow lifting is a procedure of plastic surgery which allows for lifting the external part of the eyebrow and stretching the skin at the temple and lateral portion of the eye level.

The look and the correct position of the eyebrow play an essential role in the aesthetics of the gaze, adding expressivity to the face and reflecting the emotional and psychological states.

With age, the eyebrow may droop (ptosis) creating a fold on the upper eyelid. The upper third of the face looks saggy and flaccid, the gaze is dull resulting in a sad and aged overall look of the patients.

The eyebrow lifting is a very effective procedure in rejuvenating the gaze and the face. According to the British Plastic Surgery Association, the lifting of the eyebrow arch has increate by 17% in recent years


Patients turn to the oculoplasty surgeon to have an eyebrow lifting:

  • In case of a drooping eyebrow which makes the face not very harmonious and causes a tired and sad gaze which does not reflect the patient’s personality.
  • In case of saggy eyelid skin along the eyelash margin, correlated to a front and eyebrow ptosis (droopiness), and not only to lax eyelid tissues.
  • In case of constant frowning, which brings about wrinkles and headaches: the blapharoptosis (drooping eyelids) and the drooping front cause a continuous muscular tension with resulting headaches and migraines.
  • In case of not being able to apply makeup (women) on the upper eyelids because it’s overlapped by drooping tissue.

The operation may be accompanied by other techniques, such as cantoplasty, blepharoplasty, front lifting, filling, lipostructure, botox injections.

Each patient will be directed towards the most appropriate and latest surgical treatments according to the latest guidelines set by international surgical associations


The surgical options available today include 3 possible approaches:

  • Direct lifting: an incision is performed right above the eyebrow so to lift it into the desired position, previously agreed with the patient.
  • Temple lifting: a small incision is performed in the scalp of the temple, which will be almost entirely hidden under the hair. Through the incision, the external portion of the eyebrow is lifted and remodelled, to look like a ‘seagull wing’.
  • Endoscopic lifting: little incisions are performed along the scalp through which an endoscopic sonda is introduced, it is then used to remodel the subcutaneous and adipose tissue: the eyebrow line is lifted and the wrinkles in the targeted zone smoothed out.

The surgical choice will take into account each patient’s individuality, respecting the natural and harmonious look of the face


L’esito della cicatrice 6 mesi dopo l‘intervento di lifting del sopracciglio é praticamente invisibile.

The operation will be personalized to preserve a natural look, to reflect the patient’s personality and the individuality of his/her image, to respect the needs expressed during the pre-surgical interview.

The concern over seeing one’s look distorted and ‘not being able to recognize oneself’ is one of the main considerations faced together with the patient.
The scars are almost invisible because the incisions are hidden by the eyebrow hair (in a direct lifting), and by the natural wrinkles of expression or by the hair.
The esthetic results are natural: the gaze is lively and expressive, the face appears younger and fresh without changing its peculiarities and proportions.


More informations about Dr. Carlo Graziani

Continuous international surgical training, completed between the universities of Turin and Padua, Moorfields Eye Hospital – University College of London and Medizinische Universität of Vienna.

His field of activity includes pediatric and adult eyelid surgery, tear, orbital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the gaze and face practiced with minimally invasive and innovative techniques.

Dr. Graziani is also an International Member of: General Medical Council, Londra; European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS); also National member of: Società Italiana Chirurgia Oftalmo Plastica (SICOP), Società Italiana Medicina Estetica (SIME)

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