Malar lifting – Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids and face

Malar lifting – Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids and face



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Aging of the face often results in a loss of volumes and skin relaxation. To combat these imperfections, without resorting to the old aggressive facelift that often led to an appearance pulled and ‘frozen’ facial, today you can resort to the malar facelift to ensure the patient a significant improvement in the transition zone between the lower eyelid and cheek (medium face) with natural and harmonious results.


The malar lifting or repositioning of the malar fat bag allows to restore the right shape and volume (convexity) to the upper part of the cheekbone, a fundamental step in the lower eyelid rejuvenation procedures.

Recent studies have shown how the malar aging process occurs on two levels. In the most superficial layer, aging is determined by the atrophy of the subcutaneous adipose tissue which determines the typical appearance of a tired face with a volume deficit in the junction between the lower eyelid and middle face. More deeply, the aging processes instead involve the muscle and bone layer.


lifting malare

Patients turn to the oculoplastic surgeon to correct and rejuvenate the main imperfections of the periocular region such as:

  • Lacrimal sulcus deformity (see figure point 1)
  • Lower eyelid bags (see figure point 2)
  • Loss of lower periorbitary volume (see figure point 3)
  • Loss of the natural transition area between the lower eyelid and cheek with increased vertical length of the lower eyelid (see figure point 4)
  • Malar bursa (see figure point 5)
  • Fall down the cheek
  • Accentuation of the nasolabial fold
viso giovane vecchio

These blemishes are corrected surgically simultaneously with the intervention of lower blepharoplasty.


  • The malar lift operation involves a personalized skin incision at the level of the lower eyelash (the same as the lower blepharoplasty) from which an almost invisible scar remains
  • The transition area between the lower eyelid and cheek is released surgically allowing to reposition or transpose the lower orbital fat in order to reconstitute the correct convexity of the cheekbone (important rejuvenating effect).
  • The tissues of the zygomatic region are suspended upwards and anchored to the orbital frame
  • Alternatively, the malar lift can be performed endoscopically with the simultaneous raising of the lateral portion of the eye and of the external part of the eyebrow
  • The surgery takes place under local anesthesia with light sedation in an outpatient setting so that the patient does not perceive any pain either during or after the surgery. The duration is approximately 1 hour.

The malar lift surgery can be associated with other procedures selected in consideration of the patient’s needs: eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty, lipofilling.

The innovations of aesthetic medicine allow those who are not inclined to surgery to make aesthetic improvements to the lower eyelid and the middle face by using the latest generation hyaluronic acids combined or not with traction threads.

“Each patient will be directed and advised towards the most appropriate and cutting-edge surgical practices, according to the most updated guidelines of international surgical associations”


  • The loss of the typical tired appearance of the face
  • Important rejuvenation of the look

“The malar lift surgery will be customized to maintain a natural appearance, to reflect the patient’s personality and the individuality of his image, to respect the needs expressed during the preoperative interview. The concern to see one’s own appearance distorted and to ‘no longer recognize oneself’ is one of the main considerations faced with the patient “

The scars are almost invisible because the incisions are hidden. The aesthetic results are natural: the look is lively and expressive, the face appears rejuvenated and fresh without altering its peculiarities and proportions. The patient regains self-confidence and recognizes himself in his external image, which again reflects his personality.

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More informations about Dr. Carlo Graziani

Continuous international surgical training, completed between the universities of Turin and Padua, Moorfields Eye Hospital – University College of London and Medizinische Universität of Vienna.

His field of activity includes pediatric and adult eyelid surgery, tear, orbital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the gaze and face practiced with minimally invasive and innovative techniques.

Dr. Graziani is also an International Member of: General Medical Council, Londra; European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS); also National member of: Società Italiana Chirurgia Oftalmo Plastica (SICOP), Società Italiana Medicina Estetica (SIME)

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