EyeDefine Lyft: Beyond the Limits of Simple Lower Blepharoplasty

EyeDefine Lyft: Beyond the Limits of Simple Lower Blepharoplasty

EyeDefine Lyft: the right combination of different surgical techniques for an effective and incredibly natural result.

In the world of oculoplastics, the constant search for advanced surgical techniques that provide natural and long-lasting results has led to the creation of EyeDefine Lyft. This new procedure, developed by Dr. Carlo Graziani, represents a significant advancement in the correction of the lower eyelids and mid-face, going beyond the limits of traditional lower blepharoplasty.

Many of us often face issues such as excess eyelid skin, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and loss of volume in the orbit and mid-face. In response to these needs, EyeDefine Lyft is designed to address a wide range of imperfections related to the lower eyelids and orbital area.

What does the EyeDefine Lyft Procedure involve?

EyeDefine Lyft is not simply a correction of the lower eyelids but rather the combination of lower blepharoplasty with one or more surgical techniques:

The goal of EyeDefine Lyft is to create a natural and harmonious transition between the lower eyelid and the mid-face, reducing or eliminating unsightly circles and laxity under the eyes. The combination of various techniques varies depending on each patient’s anatomy.

Why Choose EyeDefine Lyft?

Recent studies have shown that the aging process of the face occurs on two levels. In the superficial layer, aging is determined by the atrophy of subcutaneous adipose tissue, resulting in the typical appearance of a tired face with volume deficit at the junction between the lower eyelid and mid-face. Deeper processes of aging, however, involve the muscular and bony layers.

The distinctive feature of EyeDefine Lyft lies in significant harmonization of the transition line between the lower eyelid and mid-face, in addition to the removal of bags, dark circles, and excess skin.

Why settle for simple Lower Blepharoplasty?

In the case of bags under the eyes, simple fat removal could lead to hollowing of the lower eyelids with an unaesthetic “dark circle” effect; this happens because the overall aging process of the face is underestimated, neglecting the aesthetic importance of the transition line between the lower eyelid and mid-face. Hence, the need arose to create a combined and personalized surgery that takes into account not only the individual eyelid imperfection but also the aging of the full face.

Patients undergoing EyeDefine Lyft have also reported many benefits compared to traditional lower blepharoplasty, such as:

  • Unchanged eye shape;
  • Absence of a “round eye” effect;
  • Extremely natural and longer-lasting results;
  • Imperceptible scars;
  • “I have found my usual gaze again” cit by Laura.

On this page, you can browse the photo gallery of other cases: Before/After photos of EyeDefine Lyft.


EyeDefine Lyft represents a significant innovation by Dr. Carlo Graziani in the field of oculoplastics, offering patients the opportunity to achieve superior aesthetic results through a highly personalized surgical procedure.

Thanks to its ability to harmoniously combine various techniques, EyeDefine Lyft promises to become a reference point in the industry for those seeking a natural and long-lasting correction of the lower eyelids – mid-face.

Oculoplastic Editorial – Dr. Graziani