Lipofilling Microlipofilling

Lipofilling Microlipofilling



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lipofilling microlipofilling

The lipofilling and microlipofilling consist in aspirating patient’s fat tissue from a donor area (abdomen, inner thigh, hips) and extracting staminal and fat cells through a technique of centrifuge or filtering. The staminal and fat cells extracted in this way are then injected in the are of the eyelid and face which looks hollow and deprived of its natural volume. With time, actually, the fat tissue is reduced, resulting in a lost of facial volumes which accentuates skin laxity and wrinkle formation. The most pronounced zones like eyebrow arches, the orbit, the nose and the cheek bones appear even more pronounced, and the face may start looking sharp and skeleton-like, even suffering.


Patients turn to an oculoplasty surgeon for a microlipofilling:

  • To give the volume back to the facial areas which appear hollow, like in case of a prominent eyebrow arch o an accentuated eyelid crease which makes the eye look set back and aged.
  • To attenuate the eye circles.
  • To re-shape the cheek bones and the face profile.
  • To smooth out the neck and cleavage wrinkles.
  • To soften little vertical lines of the lip (‘the lipstick lines’ or ‘barcode’).
  • To smooth out the nasolabial lines, which give a sullen look.

The lipofilling may be associated with facial liftings, eyebrow liftings, blepharoplasty, botox injections, and other fillers.

Each patient will be oriented towards the most appropriate and advanced surgical practices, according to the most updated guidelines of international surgical associations


The operation will be personalized to preserve a natural look, to reflect the patient’s personality and the individuality of his/her image, to respect the needs expressed during the pre-surgical interview

  • The operated tissue is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic.
  • The fat tissue is aspirated from the donor area (abdomen, inner thigh/knee) previously agreed with the patient.
  • The harvested fat is then filtered or gently centrifuged, in order to extract the adipose cells and staminal cells.
  • The staminal and adipose cells obtained are then re-injected in those specific zones of the eyelids (eye sockets) and face (eyebrow, cheek bone, lips, chin, jaw) which look hollow and tired.

The choice of the areas to be treated will take into account patient’s individuality, respecting the natural harmony of the face.


lipofilling microlipofilling

The concern over seeing one’s look distorted and ‘not being able to recognise oneself’ is one of the main considerations faced together with the patient.

  • The lipofilling allows for the use of completely natural substances, deriving from the patient him/herself.
  • The technique is mini invasive, therefore without scars.
  • The technique allows for reshaping the facial volumes and areas which appear hollow, as well as attenuate the eye circles.
  • The final result is progressive, because the cellular regeneration processes must be activated.
  • The skin appears tighter where the staminal cell volume was injected.
  • The treatment may be repeated so to optimize the results obtained in previous sessions.

The lipofilling is able to rejuvenate the patient’s look in a natural and harmonious way, recreating the fullness and tightness of the face and the sensuality and youthfulness to the gaze

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More informations about Dr. Carlo Graziani

Continuous international surgical training, completed between the universities of Turin and Padua, Moorfields Eye Hospital – University College of London and Medizinische Universität of Vienna.

His field of activity includes pediatric and adult eyelid surgery, tear, orbital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the gaze and face practiced with minimally invasive and innovative techniques.

Dr. Graziani is also an International Member of: General Medical Council, Londra; European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS); also National member of: Società Italiana Chirurgia Oftalmo Plastica (SICOP), Società Italiana Medicina Estetica (SIME)

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