Eyelid Lift: Effective Solutions for a Natural and Lasting Gaze

Eyelid Lift: Effective Solutions for a Natural and Lasting Gaze

Eyelid Lift, as an innovative surgical technique, surpasses the limitations of traditional blepharoplasty.

Although traditional lower blepharoplasty is an effective option for correcting certain eyelid imperfections such as under-eye bags and excess skin, it is crucial to recognize that there are patients who require a more personalized and effective approach.

Eyelid Lift emerges as a targeted solution for natural and long-lasting results, surpassing the limitations of traditional lower blepharoplasty.

Limits of Traditional Lower Blepharoplasty

Traditional lower blepharoplasty is a highly effective procedure for removing excess skin or fat from the eyelids. However, this technique often falls short in addressing issues like skin accumulation during laughter or in a static position, eyelid laxity (sagging skin), eyelid wrinkles, and dark circles. In these cases, Eyelid Lift represents the ideal solution.

Eyelid Lift: What is it? What does it involve?

Eyelid Lift is not a simple lower blepharoplasty, nor a canthoplasty or canthopexy, but rather a technique that allows for stretching and lifting the lateral corner of the eyelid through a suspension of the orbicularis muscle while maintaining the unchanged shape of the eye.

The lateral eyelid tissues are repositioned outward towards the temple, providing a natural lifting effect and a significant improvement in sagging skin. This avoids the round eye appearance, a complication from excessive skin removal.

It can often be combined with other surgical techniques.

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However, it should not be confused with Malar Lifting.

Eyelid Lift and Malar Lifting

For a more lifting, powerful, and long-lasting effect, Eyelid Lift can be combined with Malar Lifting to significantly reduce the transition zone (concavity) between the lower eyelid and the mid-face.

Malar Lifting or repositioning of the malar fat pad allows for restoring the correct shape and volume (convexity) to the upper part of the cheekbone, a crucial step in lower eyelid rejuvenation procedures.

What are the advantages of Eyelid Lift?

Combining eyelid lift with lower blepharoplasty offers numerous advantages. It achieves a natural and stretched effect of the lateral eye skin, respecting its shape and avoiding visible scars.

This approach minimizes the amount of removed skin, reducing typical post-blepharoplasty complications (round eye or scleral show).

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The importance of informed choices.

The desire for younger and brighter eyes drives many individuals to explore various options for eyelid lifting.

Among the available possibilities, well-known products such as Labo Suisse and Skin Labo also emerge, promising an eyelid lifting effect without resorting to surgery. These products, often formulated with advanced ingredients, work to tone and firm the skin around the eyes, creating a temporary lifting effect. It is important to note that, although they may provide visible results, they require continuous use to maintain the desired effect.

On the other hand, eyelid lifting surgery is considered a more lasting minimally invasive surgical solution.

Is it an invasive procedure?

Eyelid Lift is a minimally invasive technique with over 15 years of proven results. Performed weekly, it allows for rapid suture removal after only 7 days, ensuring a quick postoperative recovery and invisible scars.


Customized oculoplastic surgery is essential for achieving significant and lasting results.

It is crucial to consult with an experienced oculoplastic surgeon who can carefully assess the individual patient’s situation and recommend the most appropriate customized approach.

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