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Ptosis is an affection where one eyelid or both upper eyelids are below their normal level, so that the eyelid fissure (the space between upper and lower eyelid) is reduced to various extent (‘droopy eyelids’).

  • Ptosis can be congenital (present since birth) or acquired (in adults).
  • The acquired ptosis, in adults, can be divided in neurogenous forms (as a
    result of a central or peripheral lesions of third oculomotor cranial nerve or symphathetic paraspinal nerve), myogenic (in muscular dystrophies and in myasthenia gravis), aponeurotic (caused by dehiscence or disinsertion of the levator aponeurosis typical of advanced age), mechanical (consequence of eyelid tumours, cicatrization, orbital mass, dermatochalasis, edema) and traumatic (due to laceration or disinsertion of the aponeurosis or lesion of nerve fiber).


Patients turn to oculoplasty surgeon:

  • Because the ptosis makes them look tired, sleepy or sad, which does not reflect their personality.
  • Because the sight is compromised and the visual area restricted.
  • Because droopy eyelids forces the patient to tip their head upwards, causing
    neck pains and abnormal postures.
  • Because the patient tries to compensate for the droopy eyelids by frowning,
    which results in headaches and ugly wrinkles on their face.

The operation can use a combination of techniques to various extent, such as botox, micolipofilling, cantoplasty.

Each patient will be guided and advised on the most appropriate and advanced surgical practices, according to the latest guidelines of the International surgical associations


There are different techniques which allow a correction of the defect based on the residual function of the levator muscle of the eyelid.

  • Reinsertion or tightening the levator muscle to optimize the action of the levator muscle.
  • Frontalis suspension cases where the levator muscle cannot be optimized. In those cases the eyelid can be lifted by using the frontal muscle. The suspension can be performed with autologous material (obtained from the patient) or synthetic material.

Prima dopo ptosi palpebrale
Prima dopo ptosi palpebrale
Prima dopo risoluzione complicanze blefaroplastica correzioni ptosi palpebrale
Prima dopo ptosi palpebrale congenita

The operation will be personalised to obtain a natural look, reflecting patient’s personality and individuality of his/her image, to comply with the wishes expressed during the initial interview

The incisions are hardly visible because they are performed following the natural lines of the face and as close as possible to the eyebrow margin.An adequate correction of ptosis allows the reinstating a normal position of the upper eyelids. Consequently, functional problems are solved (reduction of sight range, compromised sight) and abnormal positions of the front and neck eliminated (including the neck pain and headaches). The aesthetic look improves: the patient gets back the sharp and lively look and a his gaze is more focused and interesting.

On this page you can browse the photo gallery of my other cases : Before/After Ptosis Photos


More informations about Dr. Carlo Graziani

Continuous international surgical training, completed between the universities of Turin and Padua, Moorfields Eye Hospital – University College of London and Medizinische Universität of Vienna.

His field of activity includes pediatric and adult eyelid surgery, tear, orbital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the gaze and face practiced with minimally invasive and innovative techniques.

Dr. Graziani is also an International Member of: General Medical Council, Londra; European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS); also National member of: Società Italiana Chirurgia Oftalmo Plastica (SICOP), Società Italiana Medicina Estetica (SIME)

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