Anti-Aging Prevention

Anti-Aging Prevention

Anti-aging prevention with the help of IV Therapy and Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy allows to slow down the aging process in a natural way.

Anti-aging prevention is a medical and specialist consultancy program, based on the assessment of the patient’s lifestyle including what are the nutritional habits and those related to physical activity.

It is essential to perform a diagnostic screening to evaluate not only the patient’s health status, but also to predict the possibility of aging-related diseases.

If the patient is suitable, the therapies provide specific uses of IV Therapy that can be combined with Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy. The treatment will last at least 6 weeks twice a week. For maintenance it will be necessary to carry out sessions once a month.

The program allows you to slow down the patient’s aging process, enhancing the biological response and functions of the body in a natural way. A reduction of free radicals that cause cellular oxidative stress will therefore be obtained.


More informations about Dr. Carlo Graziani

Continuous international surgical training, completed between the universities of Turin and Padua, Moorfields Eye Hospital – University College of London and Medizinische Universität of Vienna.

His field of activity includes pediatric and adult eyelid surgery, tear, orbital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the gaze and face practiced with minimally invasive and innovative techniques.

Dr. Graziani is also an International Member of: General Medical Council, Londra; European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS); also National member of: Società Italiana Chirurgia Oftalmo Plastica (SICOP), Società Italiana Medicina Estetica (SIME)

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