Anti-Aging Prevention

Anti-Aging Prevention

Anti-aging prevention with the help of IV Therapy and Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy allows to slow down the aging process in a natural way.

Anti-aging prevention is a medical and specialist consultancy program, based on the assessment of the patient’s lifestyle including what are the nutritional habits and those related to physical activity.

It is essential to perform a diagnostic screening to evaluate not only the patient’s health status, but also to predict the possibility of aging-related diseases.

If the patient is suitable, the therapies provide specific uses of IV Therapy that can be combined with Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy. The treatment will last at least 6 weeks twice a week. For maintenance it will be necessary to carry out sessions once a month.

The program allows you to slow down the patient’s aging process, enhancing the biological response and functions of the body in a natural way. A reduction of free radicals that cause cellular oxidative stress will therefore be obtained.

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