Filo Diretto Group


The direct agreement Filo Diretto Insurances Group – Dr. Graziani Oculoplasty Structure  provides consultations, treatments and free surgeries or at reduced rates.

Over 5 million people rely every year their own safety, that of family, home and possessions on Filo Diretto Group. We can find the reasons of this success in the quality of services and in professionalism that Filo Diretto Group have demonstrated to its customers since 1987, the company’s year of birth. That’s why the group is now one of the main historical Italian counterparts as part of insurance services: it is specialized in care and in health insurance and in that technique to protect house and car and has a leading position in the sector of travel assistance.

Filo Diretto Insurances offers wide opportunities of choice for those who want to better manage the large and small accident related to their health. Thanks to VALEAS policies you can obtain the refund of your health cares and those of family members or benefit from a daily allowance in case of hospitalization. For the protection of health and that of those you love: MEDICAL PASSAPORT includes the innovative online medical record service.

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