Blue Assistance


The direct agreement Blue Assistance – Dr. Graziani Oculoplasty Structure  provides consultations, treatments and free surgeries or at reduced rates.

Blue Assistance was founded in 1993 and is positioned immediately as leader in assistance to individuals and families. It is specialized in health care and today it boasts a wide range of support services in various areas, such as home and car, and specific solutions for companies.

Blue Assistance guarantees quality and efficiency of performances through a highly selected network of professionals and agreed facilities.

It manages business processes and it provides consultations about health care on behalf of Supplementary Health Funds, a Bancassicurazioni, Insurance Companies, Brokers and Companies.

Blue Assistance completely deals with health procedures: from the attribution of the protocol, to the payment, the monitoring, up to the forwarding of information to customer companies. So Blue Assistance management raises them from any task, including administrative and financial task.

The Customer Service available 24 hours a day, every day, guarantees a constant informative support to the Customer Company, to the sale networks and the end customer.

It makes available its network of agreed health facilities and  doctors. Quality, extensiveness, size of network and very convenient prices ensure customer companies a concrete saving and effective service for the end customer.

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