The direct agreement F.A.S.I. – Dr. Graziani Oculoplasty Structure provides consultations, treatments and free surgeries or at reduced rates.

F.A.S.I., Supplementary Health Care Fund for managers of companies that produce goods and services, pursues goals of health care, that completes the performance of the National Health Service.

It is based on mutuality in accordance with Article 46 of Law 833.

It is a non-commercial and non-profit institution: managers can voluntarily register. It was founded in November 1977 as trade union initiative to category and January, 1 1982 it becomes
a Fund under joint management between Trade Union Organizations and Business Organizations.

The fund is financed by contributions coming from companies (about 2/3) and from the members (about 1/3).

The amount of the contributions is established through specific trade union agreements as part of the renewal of C.C.N.L. category which, moreover, includes a compulsory form of health care, that completes the one provided by S.S.N., at least equivalent to that provided by F.A.S.I.

The fund offers its work in a single operational headquarters: the management structure is composed of 4 managers and 90 employees, 36 of which are dedicated to the settlement activities of performance requests.

The Fund assists executives of industrial companies, on duty or retired, with no age limits, and any spouse, children (or adopted children or pre-adoptive custody) minors and, if dependent, adult children and possible dependent parents too.

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