Aesthetic and functional surgery without scars

Among the many flaws that may occur on our skin, the scars are undoubtedly among the most embarrassing.

Oculoplastic surgery meets two requirements:

  • the first is of functional type, with the aim to remedy a dysfunction linked to the eye area;
  • the second is aesthetic, with the aim to improve the appearance or make a harmonious facial element which creates discomfort.

The two motivations to undergo an intervention of oculoplasty surgery can be a dependent of the other part or, on the contrary, exist independently of one another.

However, the aesthetics and functionality are always closely linked, since it is such an important area for the social and interpersonal relationships. It is said that the eyes speak, as many researches have shown and personal experience confirms this: eye contact conveys emotions and talk to us before they are the words to do so!

The following are some interventions of aesthetic and functional surgery, which are performed in the region of the eye and of the face as a whole, with no scar outcomes or almost null.

Aesthetic and functional eyebrow surgery.

The look and the right eyebrow position play an essential role in the aesthetics of the eye, giving expression to the whole face.

With aging you may experience a droopy eyebrow with a folding of the upper eyelid skin, resulting in limitation of the visual field. The upper part of the face is sagging and flabby, with an appearance altogether aged and sad.


The eyebrow lifting is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to raise the outer part of the eyebrows and to stretch the skin of the temples and the lateral portion of the eye.

The different surgical options available today mean that the scars are almost invisible because the incisions are hidden from the brow hairs, from existing small wrinkles or hair. The aesthetic results are natural: the look is lively and expressive, the face looks rejuvenated and fresh without altering the characteristics and proportions.

pre e post correzione occhiaie chirurgia

Aesthetic and functional surgery of the upper and lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery (achieved especially in the case of swollen eyelids, drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes) that can enhance the appearance and the functionality of the eyelids, removing or reshaping the skin in a personalized way, muscle tissue and excess fat tissue.



For the upper eyelids, the skin incision is at the level of the eyelid crease, thus remaining hidden when the eyes are open, or a mullerectomia, allowing the correction of the droopy eyelids, or ptosis, passing from the inside, through conjunctiva, without skin incisions.

blefaroplastica transcongiuntivale


For the lower eyelid, excess fat is eliminated or through an incision that runs just below the eyelashes or through an incision hidden in the inside of the eyelid, the conjunctiva, without leaving any visible external scars (trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty ). The surgical choice will take into account the individuality of each patient, respecting the naturalness and harmony of the face.

immagine prima e dopo blefaroplastica

Aesthetics facial and neck surgery.

The aging of the face often results in a loss of the volumes and sagging skin. To avoid these imperfections, without resorting to the old aggressive facelift that often led to a frozen appearance he pulled and ‘frozen’ facial, you can resort to two interventions.


The mini face lift, a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the re-tensioning of the various anatomical structures that are released with aging: the skin, muscles and fat. The incision lines in front of and around the ear will retain its natural shape.

The neck lift, the most complete intervention for the treatment of excess skin and subcutaneous tissues of the sagging neck, yields an overall rejuvenation of the face, and especially of the mandibular line, without altering the physical features and respecting the proportions. The scars are almost invisible because the incisions are hidden.

Lacrimal functional surgery.

Epiphora (or lacrimation) is an abundant flow of tears that come out from the eye down to the cheeks. The obstruction of the lacrimal pathways is a frequent and very annoying disease that affects patients of all ages, from infant to adult.

The dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring the patency of lacrimal passages, avoiding the occurrence of epiphora phenomenon and recurrent infections.

The operation determines a very small scar difficult to notice, since the incision is small in size and is practiced in a shadow area of the face, between the root of the nose and the inner corner of eye. The surgery can drastically mitigate or resolve completely, the epiphora phenomenon and recurrent infections.

The instrument makes it possible to find serenity in the interaction with others, without the embarrassment of constant watering that does not reflect the mood and limits abitudinare activities.

cicatrice post intervento epifora

The outcome of the scar 6 months after the intervention of DCR (watery eyes correction) is practically invisible.

Take into account the final result is one of the main tasks of oculoplastic surgeon in case of functional interventions, as well as evaluate the functional implications for cosmetic procedures. Scars are a predominant aspect of the question.

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